Candles on the Tigris – Ángel Petisme

Zachary Day in Baghdad

we light candles and place them

floating on the Tigris,

we think in a wish.

We have nothing

only the war on our shoulders,

It is true Ahmed,

we are like bees without nectar.

But the good days will return,

you will marry, you will feel the beauty,

and cradle another life in your arms

with promises of happiness.

The bridges of the river, clouds

over the Caspian stroking the sea and picking up sails

There were fish and love in its depth,

it was so beautiful

the women throwing fish to the seagulls.

And now this shroud of smoke,

the insomnia of scorpions.

Ahmed, the scary world will end.

The tanks, the shooting,

the propellers always threatening above us.

I know what you think:

If you do not fight for your dreams

you do not deserve them.

Better days will come,

whatever happens, do not lose your innocence, I say.

Who knows if one day he will smile again?

Translated from Spanish to English by  Pepa Santolaria

Amsterdam 21 september 2011

A poem publish in the book La noche 351, de Ángel Petisme

(A forthcoming book in Editions Hiperion,Spain, 2011)

Publicado por Angel Petisme

Contratación Ángel Petisme: +34 610 89 90 43

Un comentario en “Candles on the Tigris – Ángel Petisme

  1. Angel, soy Chema. Te escribo desde ALEMANIA. Estoy con un amigmio aleman (estudiate: Tobias) que vino al HArlem A verte en BCN. Desde entonces, no paran de escucharte aqui en ALEMANIA!

    TOBIAS dice: Angel un abrazo!

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